Online & Beginning Genealogy

Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs
Maureen A. Taylor
Paperback - 224 pages 1 Ed edition (January 2000) Betterway Pubns; ISBN: 1558705279 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.59 x 10.97 x 8.53

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Genealogy Online for Dummies
Genealogy Online for Dummies Matthew L. Helm, April Leigh Helm.
384 pages, 2nd Ed. (Bk&CDROM edition (May 1999) IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0764505432 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.07 x 9.25 x 7.42

The second edition of this popular book. What makes the Helms' treatment of a genealogy tutorial unique is their organizing chapters according to the steps a genealogist takes in doing research as opposed to categorizing by type of resource. This allows the genealogist to integrate online resources into their current research goals. This work is notable for including Native American resources.
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Genealogy Online: Researching Your Roots : Web Edition
Genealogy Online: Researching Your Roots :  Web Edition Elizabeth Powell Crowe.
Paperback - 464 pages McGraw-Hill

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Netting Your Ancestors : Genealogical Research on the Internet
Netting Your Ancestors : Genealogical Research on the Internet Cyndi Howells.
Paperback - 182 pages Genealogical Publishing Co.

This volume is a companion to Cyndi's popular and comprehensive links site. It concentrates on very basic Internet skills useful to the genealogist who has never been online, such as sending email messages, subscribing to email discussion groups and using a web browser to access genealogical sites. The book supplies many sites to point your browser to and of course, there is her own excellent links site. Except as a general reference to genealogy web sites, this book is not intended for experienced net users.
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Unpuzzling Your Past : A Basic Guide to Genealogy
Unpuzzling Your Past : A Basic Guide to Genealogy Emily Anne Croom.
Paperback - 180 pages 3rd edition (September 1995) Betterway Publications; ISBN: 1558703969 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.57 x 10.97 x 8.53

An excellent choice for those just starting to research their family history, with sensible advice to the beginner and experience genealogist alike. The author uses examples from her own personal research to explain the concepts discussed in her book. In this new edition, there are expanded chapters on public record sources and computers in genealogy, with lists of archives, libraries and genealogical societies.
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