City Gallery is a community for persons interested in vernacular images, photographs of the life, work, culture and circumstances of ordinary people. Nearly all photographic images are vernacular images. Thanks to generations of gallery photographers and the introduction of the Kodak camera you very likely have vernacular images in your home, your family album or photographs at the local library, history or genealogy society. City Gallery is devoted to encouraging and enabling the ordinary citizen to participate in the preservation and interpretation of vernacular images.

Estimating When A Carte de Visite Was Made

A carte de visite can usually be dated to within two years through an understanding of it's features. Gallery operators replenished their supply of card stock about every six months and card manufacturers encouraged this demand by brining out a new line of decorative cards each year. Because of this constant change, a card mount offers the best clue to when a carte de visite image

New Platform

I am changing City Gallery over from a collection of ad hoc scripts to the Drupal content management framework. An update has been necessary for a long time. This will bring many benefits to myself and visitors. Please feel free to register, post content and comments. I will be moving the existing content over to the new platform as soon as possible.